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Reviews for Park at Ventana

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Posted On: 3/16/2016

I love my place!

I have lived in the complex since November 2015. In the beginning, I was very apprehensive because of the reviews that I had read, but I was in a pinch and needed a place. The apartment was nice even though it is an older complex. I didn't like that there are no light fixtures in the living room, or bedrooms, but I remedied that by buying lamps. The apartment is big compared to the ones that are being built now. There are no laundry hookups in the apartments, but that's no issue either, I just go to a laundromat and pay about $20/mth. When I moved in I had an issue with the carpet in the bedrooms. The previous tenants had pets, and the carpet told the Once brought to the attention of the office staff, they went through their protocol, but in the end had to replace the carpet. As far as the staff is concerned, they are very caring and they are great. I have not had any real issues, but if I did, ARIEL is right there to help. If you're looking for luxury, this really isn't the place for you. If you are looking for a good, clean place that is relatively quiet and the neighbors are friendly, this is a great place. One more issue I have, pet parents do not pick up after their dogs. I live on the first floor, and I love my patio area, but I can't sit outside and enjoy it because people allow their dogs to go potty right there by the patio. There is a designated place to walk your dogs, but I think my patio area is more ideal to residents and pets....sadly... Overall, I love it, and will most likely renew.
By: Tracy     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 11/6/2015

Happy Home

I have lived at this complex for 6 years and I have seen alot of good and bad thru this complex but I will have to say that the recent management team has been far the best. They came into this complex with alot of problems but in the short time they have been here it has improved greatly. The team inside especially Liz and Melissa are an Awesome Team!!! The maintance team are actually better than its ever been, Im happy to come home now days.
By: Diana Cooper     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 8/12/2015

Huge improvement. Friendly and caring staff

Good changes. I'm happy to come home now. I have Been here for about a 6 months now. There have been A couple of staff changes, but the current staff is more attentive and maintenance actually get things done! The management cares and are very friendly.
By: Anonymous     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 6/3/2015


I have lived at this property for a year and a half. I've been having issues with my AC since I moved in. Maintenance dont know what their doing, it was always the "filter". The office staff lies ! Laundraymat is way to small. This is my first apartment on my own with my boyfriend. I would only recommend this complex as a last resort. Pricing is pretty resonable for the size of the unit.It is a very quite ducked off complex. Wish they would pay more attention to the tenets needs
By: Anonymous     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 5/13/2015

happy in my new home

Could not be happier. The leasing and management are very attentive and warm. My apartment is cozy and affordable.
By: current resident     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 4/1/2015

Visiting the apartment

the apartment are nice the only thing the waher and dryer connection in the master bath room don't like no storet area and the out side need maintenance . other than that beautiful place
By: Peaches     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 3/3/2015

Park at Ventana Review

Maintenance repairs could be completed in a more timely fashion. Movie theater should be open after office hours with approved supervision
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